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Domestic Soundproofing

Who we are!

Soundproofing Homes are one of the UK’s premier domestic noise reduction company’s offering fully guaranteed soundproofing to customers who s life’s are blighted by unwanted neighbour noise “Soundproofing Homes is the domestic soundproofing division of AUDIO SCHEMES LTD, a renowned and respected recording studio soundproofing company.

What we offer!

We offer commercial grade soundproofing at heavily discounted rates to the domestic customer letting you experience first-hand the benefit of professionally installed soundproofing.

There is no worse feeling than coming back to your home with that anxious knot in your stomach knowing the noise next door is there ready to grind you down.

How we can help!

It’s one of the few problems within our home that we think can’t be controlled and can and does have a detrimental effect on people’s life’s. It can become a hopeless situation but there is a solution and when done properly by competent professionals the end result truly is life changing.

When you entrust us with your project you will have the weight of our soundproofing knowledge behind your project. We have never had a project in all the years we’ve been undertaking domestic soundproofing where our systems have failed to make a very marked difference on our customers lives.

Buying soundproofing can get very complicated with fantastically named products, but some suppliers can be a little over zealous when it comes to selling their products and will explain “How their products, when used, can achieve building regulation compliance (PART E) “. What they don’t tell you, this is easily achieved and in all probability your property is already (PART E) compliant. The threshold is 45db but most conversations between two adults is around 55db so these kinds of guarantees are misleading and not worth the paper there wrote on.

Your new soundproofing needs to be well over the building regulation benchmark to make a real difference or it’s not worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Our linings take up minimal space but return extremely high results covering all sound frequencies within the sound spectrum.

It’s permanent and maintenance free and will add value to your property. Its one of the most cost-effective home improvements you will ever undertake, and one of the most rewarding when installed correctly.  You get one chance so don’t let your project be a general builder learning curve, leave it to the professionals!

Undertaking soundproofing is a leap of faith, so to show what we really do know about soundproofing we have included an independent soundproofing test report from one of our commercial projects. Our challenge was to soundproof drum and bass studios, which is probably the hardest test for any soundproofing company. We achieved a 99% noise reduction which is documented in the test data.

Click Here to read through the report and make up your own mind whether we really do know about soundproofing!.

All our quotes include plastering, plumbing, joinery and electrical works so you can sit back, relax, enjoy the peace and quiet and let us do all the work.

Because of a busy diary we can only help customers in London or the north west of England but we will be sympathetic to potential customers outside of these areas who are struggling to find a competent company.

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See you soon, Nick and the team!


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Why choose us

A team to be proud of
Making all of this great work possible is our staff of 15 who combe many different talents. The team is comprised of a mechanical engineer overseeing all ventilation and air conditioning work, two joiners who undertake bespoke fabric fittings and a number of dry liners who have served us for many years.
Bespoke Solutions
A tailor made soundproofing solution to suite our customers needs and budget.
Clean and Tidy Approach
All jobs are left clean and tidy.
If required no sign writen vans.
Fully Insured
Fully insured for peace of mind.
Like for Like quotes Beaten
All like for like quotes are beaten. Call us now!