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We offer a 2 week cooling off period after installation before you pay your balance.  The onus is on us to make sure your soundproofing has made a substantial difference!

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We are proud to be only one of two soundproofing company’s in the UK endorsed by WHICH? under their trusted trader scheme.

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This is a yearly awards review recognising market leaders and innovators. There are only 10 companies invited from the entire construction sector covering large multi nationals and small companies.  Audio Schemes have been asked back for a second year running, which has never happened before in any industry.

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Excellent work on a tricky project

I got in touch with Nick at Audio Schemes after another company had tried (and failed) to convert my garage (which is inside my terraced house) into a music room. The space was relatively small and I wanted to play guitar, bass, drums and piano at a very loud level without disturbing the neighbours. As a lecturer in audio and acoustics and a live sound engineer, I knew that this was quite the challenge. Nick came in with a wealth of knowledge about the materials and building methods required to get the job done and quickly came up with a detailed plan.

The work itself took around 10 days. During that time Nick and his crew were absolute professionals and kept me up to date on the progress, letting me see exactly what they were doing. I’ve purposely waited about 6 months to review the work, so I could fully experience the final product. I’m absolutely thrilled with the work Audio Schemes has done. I can play as loud as I want in the music room and my neighbors can’t hear a thing (unless they physically put their ear to the wall). My friends and I have had jam sessions at 2am without disturbing anyone. The finish on the room looks great and it functions just as I wanted. Everyone who has seen the work is very impressed (and jealous).

Adam J. Hill

Lecturer in acoustics and audio engineering, Derby University

I found Nick Langley, boss of Audio Schemes Ltd, one of the UK’s premier studio design and build companies to help me create a quiet space. Nick has built recording studios for Sony, Warner Brothers and The Royal Academy of Music so I figured I couldn’t aim any higher for quality! The build took about a week and made use of high density plasterboard, rock wool, green glue and a lot of other things that I know of but wouldn’t have the first idea how to use properly.

The finished booth has an attenuated passive ventilation system and cool (in both senses!) LED lighting. The sound quality is absolutely excellent and as good as any professional booth I’ve recorded in. The best part of course is the fact that recording an hour of an audio book now takes about and hour and fifteen minutes instead of up to two and a half hours! I highly recommend Audio Schemes Ltd to any VO who is looking for a studio upgrade, worth every penny!

Sam Devereaux


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